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Russian Guild of Actuaries

The Russian Guild of Actuaries was founded in 2002 on the basis of the Society of actuaries, established in 1994.

The main aims of the Guild are as follows:
        actuarial profession promotion;
        design of professional standards and code of conduct;
        participation in international events,  distributing international experience in Russia;
       presentation of actuarial profession and participation in market development (draft rules for life insurance reserving, rules for actuarial certification and reporting, investigation of clams experience of MTPL for RUMI, etc);
        design of educational standards and educational system development.

In 2006 with around 40 members the Guild became an Associate member of the International Actuarial Association.

In 2007 preparation to full membership in IAA was started. Four committees (Life and Non-life insurance, Pensions and Education) were created, educational program and code of conduct were adopted, disciplinary commission was formed.

On November, 4, 2008 the Russian Guild of Actuaries became the full member of the IAA and was acknowledged as an integral part of international actuarial community.

Nowadays the Guild has nearly 150 members, 71 % from the insurance industry, 8 % from consulting firms, 11 % from the universities, 7 % from pension funds and 3 5 from other institutions.

During the last year the activities of the Guild were focused on actuarial education promotion, professional standards development in life, non-life and pension insurance, cooperation with Russian professional associations and international partners.


The Guild of Actuaries Board

Vladimir Novikov

Dmitry Denisov

Valery Baskakov
Committe on pensions,

Nikolay Gorbachev

Sergey Zavriev
Committe on education,

Konstantin Kozlov

Igor Kotlobovskiy

Andrey Kudriavtzev

Aleksandr Lelchuk
Committe on life insurance,

Dmitriy Malikch

Andrey Safonov
Committe on non-life insurance,

Contact:   guild@actuaries.ru

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