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Dear reader!


We are pleased to present you the first Russian professional actuarial journal “Actuary” (Actuariy in Russian).

Growing insurance and pension market and increasing competition in the Russian Federation, development of comprehensive insurance legislation enhanced the   role of actuaries in providing technical and financial advice to different institutions in the Russian Federation.

Development of actuarial profession and increasing role of actuaries in the operation of insurance companies, non-state pension funds and other institutions revealed the necessity of designing the full-scale platform for experience exchange and discussion in Russia.

Following this demand in the beginning of 2006 the new journal Actuary was registered by the Russian Mass Media Supervision Authority. The journal is edited by the Independent  Actuarial Information Analytical Centre – consulting firm providing actuarial services for social security authorities, insurance and non-state pension funds firms and associations. It inherited Information and Analytical Bulletin with the same title created in 2000 and published occasionally. The first issues of the journal were issued in 1000 copies.

Actuary is the only one professional periodical publication of actuaries in Russia.  It covers the wide range of themes such as pension provisions, life and non-life insurance, actuarial mathematics and actuarial education and career.

Our aim is to provide high-quality information to the members of actuarial society as well as to the specialist of financial, investment and insurance companies, pension and mutual funds, enterprises, representatives of government, employees and employers organizations and help them to make an optimal decision.

Actuary offers advertisers good opportunity to address audience interested in actuarial and related services, provided by Russian and international consulting and IT firms as well as insurers and pension providers. Watson Wyatt, Swiss Re, AIG Life, SAS are among our partners.

We are looking forward for your articles on actuarial and related topics, your comments on the content and design of the journal.

If you are interested in our advertising opportunities or want to offer your article, please contact us via email actuary@iaac.ru or our website.

Valery Baskakov.

Issue No 3 

Issue No 2 


Autonomous non-profit organization Independent Actuarial Information and Analytical Center


Valery Baskakov (editor-in-chief) – Doctor of Science, Professor, Independent Actuarial Information and Analytical Center, Director, member of the Actuaries Guild Board.

Ludmila Bertschi   Ph.D., Watson Wyatt, Certified expert on pension funds, member of the Switzerland Actuarial Association (Aktuar SAV), member of ASTIN and PBSS in IAA.

Sergey Zavriev Doctor of Science, Professor, ING Life Insurance company, Director and Member of Board, member of the Actuaries Guild Board.

Victor Korolev - Doctor of Science, Professor, Moscow State “Lomonosov” University, Faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Vice-dean.

Elena Kochovich Doctor of Science, Belgrade State University, Faculty of economics, Professor, Chairwoman of the Serbia Actuaries Association.

Andrey Kudriavtzev Ph.D., Saint-Petersburg State University, Associate Professor, member of the Actuaries Guild Board.

Vladimir Novikov Ph.D., ING LAIF Insurance company, Department of work with financial institutions, Head of the Department, Chairman of the Actuaries Guild Board.

Andrey Safonov Ph.D., Associate professor, Renaissance Insurance Group, Chief actuary, member of the Actuaries Guild Board.

Konstantin Siminov Non-state pension fund Gazfond, Head of the Actuarial department.

Semen Spivak Doctor of Science, Professor, Bashkiria State University, Head of the Chair

Autonomous non-profit organization Independent Actuarial Information and Analytical Center


Valery Baskakov

Elena Krylova

Ksenya Khatsko

Evgeny Ianenko

Anna Selivanova

Telephone (495) 945 41 31


(495) 653 15 38

Editorial office

125284, Moscow, 1-st Khoroshevsky proezd, 3a

e-mail: actuary@iaac.ru

web: http://www.iaac.ru

 Registered in the Federal Service on Supervision of Legislation Compliance in the Area of Mass Communication and Cultural Heritage.

Registration number -   77-23475 from February 28, 2006.

 Reproduction of any materials including reproduction in electronic mass media is permitted if the source reference Actuary bulletin is indicated.

 Authors’ opinions put forward in the bulletin may not coincide with the editors point of view.

 The editors do not accept any responsibility for the advertising content.

 © Bulletin Actuary

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